Rainy day

It’s been raining all morning which is a bummer because I had ambitions to go out to the center today (I need nail-polish remover of all things. I just couldn’t fit everything that I needed into my suitcase). I was so proud the other day (And was telling mom about it) that I went to the center to purchase tights for a dress I was wearing that night and went to a café to have coffee and I did all of this with my limited Czech!! It’s quite terrifying to speak in another language for whatever reason. I suppose subconsciously I am worried what they will think of me (again, who cares) but it really puts a different perspective on foreigners in the US and their struggles to speak English. The only difference is, the US doesn’t have an ‘official language’ and Czech does. No one roams around the streets having conversation in English. They stare at you if you do. Back home, we are used to hearing so many languages no matter where you are. I digress. I managed and am still alive. Speaking of language (what a pun!), I was talking to my flat-mates last night (One is from Poland, One from Slovakia, one from Czech) about language (luckily they all speak English) and how all of them speak  Slovak languages but all speak different languages all together. It all sounds the same to me so I am not sure how much of a detriment it really is, but they were explaining to me the difference in words and spelling which was interesting in a way. I guess what prompted the conversation was Slovak asking Polish about a new flat-mate and the word in Slovak meant (for a lack of better words) “to engage in homosexual activity” and I guess I walked in right at this moment of awkward silence which ultimately resulted in laughing and explaining the story to me. I guess I find it interesting because a lot of Europeans look down on Americans because they only speak one language. But what this conversation to me sort of proves is, those 3 languages are so similar (albeit alphabet, spelling, accent marks, etc)… So that counts as 3 separate languages? Again, weird. I was also reading an article about why American English is spelled differently than British English (I swear this is my last post about language) and mostly because Webster decided it made more sense to spell things phonetically and drop the silent “u”, for example in “colour”. But the thing that was most interesting to me is that Americans ACTUALLY speak proper English (the way it was intended to be spoken and written). SO THERE EUROPE!

Sorry for all the language talk. It becomes a topic all the time in conversation…

I go in to the studio tomorrow to meet Mike and Andrea. Pretty excited about that. I took a yoga class Tuesday night with Hana that was instructed in Czech. What an experience that was!! Hana informed me later on, that the instructor kept telling other students to watch me if they needed a guide. i’m sort of glad I wasn’t aware of this. I probably would have fallen flat on my face!

I’m attaching random photos now. Two from last night while walking around the town (that church is SO amazing) and one from a really cool craft cocktail bar where my drink was served in a light bulb. How cool.

Miss and love you!



I am trying to be better about posting on this blog. Nothing too exciting has happened besides learning my way around a new town and a new language. The weather is absolutely beautiful and I really like my neighborhood. I am adding a few random photos from around town. These are places that I like to go and grab coffee or wine because the surrounding architecture is just astonishing. I also included a photo of the china cabinet in the shared flat. Apparently black velvet is a delicacy over here. Heh.

This is a café right next to a church and monastery. It’s quite nice here. I really enjoy that outside seating areas will always offer blankets. What a nice touch!

This little café is quite touristy but I don’t mind (Since I am a tourist). The opposite side (I will attach a photo ) looks over a very large church. You’ll also see a piano to the right of the stairs. People are allowed to play and if you’re lucky, someone who can actually place well will entertain you for a few minutes. We were lucky that day. My friend, however, was not lucky. The waitress spilled an entire glass of wine on him.

This is the view opposite of the last photo. This church is beautiful. I went in it last time. I will have to go back to take more photos.

And lastly… BV on display!

Love you.